Sunday, 27 January 2013


One of the biggest European Tekken tournaments has been announced its 14th edition. Ultimate Tournament XIV will take place on 26th January in Paris, France. Jump below to watch the event's teaser. 


Yesterday the result was made. HyuJin Kim a.k.a JDCR a Korean player known to one of the best player in the world emerge victorious along with his fellow player Bode (Italia) who took the 2nd place, and El Negro (Venezuela) took the 3rd place. 

Left to right: Bode(Italy), JDCR(Korea), El Negro(Venezuela) Credits to Tekken Rules for the picture.

1) JDCR (Korea)
2) Bode (Italia)
3) El Negro (Venezuela)
4) NYCFab (USA)
5/6) Jackson Five (Venezuela) - RIP (USA)
7/8) Malekit (Holanda) - The Phantom (Italia)
9/10/11/12) Fuko La Muerte ( Venezuela) - StarCream (UK) - Ivorio (Francia) - Daitejin (Francia)

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